I understand here I'm to persuade you to read this blog instead of doing something better. I won't. Go do something better. I'd rather go myself pick crocuses, but it's cold outside.
I started assiduously posting on this blog in January 2013, after I published an essay in a Romanian newspaper and it reached about 40,000 readers in a day. Since people were visiting my blog hidden under cobwebs, after a cleaning spree, I endeavored to share my insights here. 
Now I seem to post at random speed. 
Depending how tumultuous my life is.
In case you're curious about my tumultuous life, I moved about searching for a safe haven. I started my trek from Transylvania, Romania and ended it in New York City. 
What have I done professionally? Well, I taught, I worked for other people, I managed other people, I wrote, I performed, I created visual art. I produced my theater work, I set up my own business. 
What do I do now? 
I stopped burning the candle at both ends, live a little, and quietly down-edit my archived work.
What shall you find here? Loads of writing. Excerpts from my work (at time in progress). Interviews, poetic or humorous essays, zany social-change proposals, original material about people and happenings in Transylvania/Romania and New York City/America.
I post my writing both to benefit readers and to stimulate my down editing.
More later.

New York City
February 27, 2016