Why People Don’t Call?!

I hate your guts.
You are a disappointment.
You’re trying to control me with your worry.
You’re no fun. Bore.
You’ll make me do things for you I don’t want to.
You have been disrespectful.
You wore me down.
Call who?!
I’m cooler than you!
Get the fuck out of my life.
Fuck off!
Gone to Hollywood.
Ran out of minutes.
New sex partner.
Vow of silence.
You offended me.
I’m sad.
I’m not into you.
You scare me. 

You are too intense.
You made a spectacle of yourself. 

People think you crazy.
My friends don’t like you.
You always judge me.
You make me feel less.
You don’t like my boyfriend.
You didn’t call me either.
I love you.
I have the hots for you.
It’s not good for me.
I’m a star now.
My grandma died. My puppy died.
I have measles. Whooping cough.
I have a bad haircut.
I bought a new scooter.
I’m reading a captivating book.
I’m writing my memoirs.
I took to knitting.
My nose job went wrong.
I got pregnant.
My mother-in-law is visiting.
I got a deadline.
A party I don’t want you to come and ruin it.
I’m getting divorced. Married.
I’m in the hospital.
I’m dying.
I’m dead.

March 2008

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