My son likes my candles. He nudges me to post post because when I am in the doldrums I constantly make stuff.
Yesterday I was sad about Sinead O'Connor being in a New Jersey hotel and crying suffering from being bipolar forgotten isolated  so I made red candles.
Here they go:

These were made with molds from a kit.

The one above  gave me trouble because I couldn't get it out of the bottom part of the mold. I put it in the freezer and then it came out pronto.  I don't know why.  Either the mold or the wax contracted

This one is my pride. I made her in a cherry tomato box mold. It looks like a sports hall. I  put around the opening of the box modeling dough to stop the fluid wax flooding out. It has 4 wicks because I don't like it when huge candles have just one wicks. A waste of wax.

The above I made in spring.  Since I had a bit of wax left I poured it on top of it.

And this one has geranium petals from my window sill potted flower. I like looking at it floating in the melted wax. 


Light for my brother and father and my tomcat.
And Sinead O'Connor and all the forgotten artists who gave much.

Friday November 10th
New York City

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